The biggest agro-industrial open-air exhibition of the region produced very good results between 12 and 15 March at the stable venue of San Nicolas at km 225 of national route 9. 

“We said that this was the expo of hope and it became reality”, said Martin Schvartzman, who agreed with Alberto Marina, both Managers at Exponenciar, and with the Mayor of San Nicolás, Manuel Passaglia, that Expoagro has far exceeded its own records again, with 521 exhibitors in an exhibition area of over 200,000 m2.

They highlighted that the number of visitors who toured around the exhibition between 12 and 15 March was 165,000. This has been the 13th edition of Expoagro and the 3rd held consecutively in the fairground and racetrack of San Nicolás.

Passaglia thanked the authorities of Exponenciar in recognition of the importance the show has for the city. “San Nicolás will always welcome Expoagro. This has been a historic edition because it has been way over all the previous ones: our hotels, houses and weekend houses are fully booked and our restaurants are always busy”.

It is estimated that this 13th edition of Expoagro has generated bank operations and credit applications that add up to $60 billion. Banco Provincia operations alone amounted to more than $12 billion.

Marina added, “there were very good credit lines for everything at the show. Financing entities, both public and private, have performed very well”.

To illustrate what happened in the “National Capital of Agribusiness” it might be useful to resort to the comparison of some agricultural machinery manufacturers who said that on the four days of the show they sold more than what they usually sell in a year. “Moreover, on the first two days some exhibitors obtained the same amount of data that they had got on the four days of the 2018 show”, Marina said.

“We can see that producers and contractors are determined to invest more and those investments have effects all along the value chain. It is a proof of the sector health and hopefully also of the Economy”, emphasized the officer. The importance of the livestock sector growth was also mentioned by the organization authorities. In Expoagro, 28,000 animals were sold at an average price of $68 per kilogram and the general sales total was over $350,000.

Schvartzman underlined that the International Business Rounds included about 270 meetings between national sellers and international buyers, and the volume of business was of over USD 8 million. Sixty-three enterprises from Argentina took part and, as a relevant fact, he stated, “at the end of the round, 14% of the Argentine enterprises received formal investments applications by foreign businesspeople”.

Reflecting the huge technological advancement that could be observed at the mega exhibition, Schvartzman stressed the inclusion of the AgTech tent and recalled that the President met the young people gathered there. He also talked about the new digital business platform.

This year Expoagro presented an updated app, diversifying the proposal for visitors and creating a true on-line business center. The app downloads tripled from 2018 and more than 1000 people registered in the platform, whereas 200 buyers signed up to perform operations.

In the 13th edition, the Ternium Expoagro Award to Agro-Industrial Innovation was presented, with a jury formed by world-renowned members, said Schvartzman, and he added, “Argentine agricultural machinery for direct seeding is made with cutting-edge technology”.

In addition, the officer mentioned the agreements Expoagro has already signed with shows in Germany, Italy, South Africa and the coming opportunities in New Delhi, India, among others.

The visits of authorities, officers and members of Congress at the show deserve special mention. The presence of the Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, and also of Governors, Mayors, Ministers and State Secretaries, should be noted. “This is a clear sign of the space relevance and it validates our efforts”, said Marina.

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