The international round exceeded by far the expectations with a volume of closed business deals of USD 11.5 million, which added to other international deals entered during Expoagro sums up USD 15 million.

The data collected over 40 out of the 66 exhibitors and sellers invited by the Ministry of Production (Argentina) that took part at the international business round showed an average of USD 175,000 in closed business deals estimated by participant. Moreover 81% of the exhibitors got budget requests and 16% will send samples. Including the deals closed outside the round, the total amount of international business is over USD 15 million.

The round included more than 500 meetings. Buyers came from Ukraine, Bolivia (both countries represented by 4 salespersons), Colombia (3 salespersons), Vietnam (2 salespersons), South Africa and the United States (1 salesperson each). During the exhibition, 60% of the sales representatives had a very complete schedule, with 44 meetings.

The business round organizer, on its part, met their expectations by obtaining 16 “A” grades (i. e. Very Good), 21 “B” grades (i. e. Good) and 3 “C” grades (i. e. Regular) out of 40 respondents.

Among the companies surveyed, Vasalli Favril S.A. was the most outstanding seller, with a volume of business closed during the round of USD 3,400,000, and Carlos Mainero y Cía also made deals for over the million dollars, with a total 1,500,000 in business deals. The turnover of other companies were: USD 300,000 for Talleres Metalúrgicos Crucianelli S.A.; USD 240,000 for Delver S.A.; USD 200,000 for Búfalo /Super Walter, JICEC S.A., and Metalfor S.A.; USD 150,000 for Ingersoll Argentina S.A.; and USD 100,000 for Dunlop Argentina S.A., Verion ICSA, Ingeniería Mega S.A., LS Electromecánica and Agroimport.

The city of San Nicolas becomes part of the organization
During this 2018 edition, at a press conference, it was announced that next year, the Municipality of San Nicolás, the city hosting the exhibition, will be part of the business round organization team made up of the Argentine Investments and Trade Agency and the Ministry of Production of the province of Santa Fe. Representatives of these bodies reconfirmed their commitment to work together to promote the development of the meetings among national companies and buyers from all over the world.

“We are just the platform, the protagonists are doing business by our side”, stated Alejandro Wagner, Business Manager of the Argentine Investments and Trade Agency. “This year, Carlos Braga, representing the Ministry of Production of Santa Fe, joined the team, and from now on, San Nicolás, always providing support as the exhibition is held in their premises, will be another partner. This will help us to repeat the round next year and with better the results”, said Wagner.

Alberrto Marina, Manager at Exponenciar, congratulated the partners on their organization tasks and Francisco Buchara, Secretary of Economic Development of San Nicolás, highlighted the importance of the higher participation of the municipality in Expoagro, as it is “one of the strategic poles of development of the city”.

Finally, Carlos Braga stated, “the most important aspect in this public-private work is the articulation between nation, provinces and municipalities; that is what the private sector demands in order to internationalize more sustainably”.

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