The National Capital of Agribusiness anticipates its contents, old and new

Between 10 and 13 March, the Expoagro – YPF Agro edition will be held at its stable venue located at kilometer 225 of RN9, in San Nicolás. At its latest edition, Expoagro had 521 exhibitors and 165,000 visitors in an area of 200,000 m². Moreover, the volume of credit applications plus closed banking operations of the four days was ARS 60,000 million.

According to a study carried out by the market survey company Map of Agriculture, at the end of the 13th edition, more than 95% of the exhibitors said they would be willing to take part again in 2020. Also, 90% has taken part in all three latest editions, which shows the companies loyalty. In addition, it is important to consider that, in this context, 81% welcomed foreign visitors at their stands.

For this and many other reasons, a big amount of companies of different sectors have already confirmed that they are going to be present in the shop window of the biggest agro-industrial open-air show of the region. They will have the chance to be part of the already traditional static and dynamic shows of agricultural machinery, of the plots located at the heart of the show, of the agriculture and livestock Technodrome, of the test-drive tracks, of the Agtech universe, of the livestock sector, of the talks and debates at the auditoriums and also of irrigation dynamics tracks, hoppers shows, grain bagging and extraction, excavators and mixers circuits, among so many other classics.

New space

Among the new attractions, Expoagro will launch the Experts Center to complement the traditional Technodrome, the live technology show, and the Agtech space. In this regard, the agro-industrial show organizers referred to the new service, “considering that technology affects the production and business of the agricultural sector at unprecedented speed and intensity these days, we must be more ready and connected than ever to play leading roles of these changes, instead of being spectators”, and they said, “that is why we thought of creating this Experts Center where specialists belonging to the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) will take part. All the visitors of the show will be able to visit this space for any queries and they will be offered counselling and solutions”. The Center will definitely become a not-to-miss spot for the agriculture and technology lovers visiting Expoagro.

Women in Agriculture

After the success at the 13th edition, the 2nd National Encounter of Women in Agriculture will be held. In this respect, the group #MujeresRurales (rural women) shared the main reasons for women being part of the agro-industrial sector to participate at the National Capital of Agribusiness. They highlighted that it “is a very good opportunity for the Rural Women network to meet and communicate their proposals”. Furthermore, they claimed that “Expoagro is the first great meeting of the year for all agricultural stakeholders”, and emphasized on the diversity of the show visitors: “There are visitors from all over the country and also from abroad”.

Rural Contractors

Additionally, to showcase the important contribution of rural contractors to the grain production in Argentina, for the third year in a row, the Rural Contractors Session and the Expoagro Award to Career and Innovation will take place in the coming edition. Rural contractors are the multipliers of the agriculture production and technology in Argentina, and have become relevant factors of its vast grain production.

In this sense, Jorge Scoppa, head of the Argentine Federation of Agricultural Machinery Contractors (FACMA), highlighted one of the reasons for rural contractors to attend Expoagro: “70% of the sales by agricultural machinery companies (main exhibitors at Expoagro) are targeted at contractors, so we need to be in a show of this kind because contractors buy the most and therefore make the biggest investment in technology”.

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