Expoagro 2020 Edition YPF Agro, which will be held from March 10 to 13 at the fairgrounds and racetrack of San Nicolás, will be not only a campaign reference measurement for domestic agribusiness, but also a stage aimed at boosting foreign commercial relationships.

We often hear that Argentina needs to increase exports and thus generate currency, and agriculture is one of the main sectors that can boost said growth, since farming produces 6 out of 10 dollars exported by Argentina, that is to say, 60% of the total exports.

In this respect, Expoagro, the most important open-air agribusiness exhibition in the region, has become a window to the eyes of the world, and a great opportunity for the key Argentine agribusiness players to show their potential: from agricultural machinery to production techniques.

“Expoagro is an international window. The organizers work hard to conduct international business rounds, and to position the exhibition as a place of business,” stressed Edgardo Cuffia, CEO of Aberlardo Cuffia, and sponsor of the National Capital of Agribusiness.

Along the same lines, Carlos Castellani, CEO of Apache, the exhibition’s official planter, said: “Official and private foreign visitors enable the chance to access external markets that we Argentines sorely need to generate real dollars.” In turn, sources from Industrias Metalúrgicas Cestari stated: “We know that when we show ourselves abroad through Expoagro, we are playing in the premier league, carrying the Argentine flag and international standards.”

Business Rounds and Visits
The role of the international sector of the National Capital of Agribusiness consists of connecting local supply with foreign demand. “For Expoagro 2020 Edition YPF Agro, we seek to increase the promotion of our products and the Argentine production system, and obtain more and better markets that allow us to strengthen the link between the local exhibitor and the international market,” said Fernando Pereyra from Wobax, the international business accelerator which manages the creation of business between domestic companies and buyers from other countries at Expoagro.

Two major channels are used to make this connection possible between Argentina and the world. One of them is the institutional channel, related to the demand of the embassies that visit Expoagro, the fairs and exhibitions which Exponenciar has agreements with, and the promotion agencies that come from abroad to get to know the Argentine productive system.

On the other hand, there is the commercial channel, which is the core of the tent, and its main goal is to connect companies. “We strive to know beforehand what they come looking for, what they are most interested to see at the exhibition, and thus connect them with the local companies,” explained Expoagro organizers. In turn, one of the centerpieces of the tent are the traditional international business rounds, which involve the participation of a large amount of exhibitors. The rounds are tools that enable Argentine exporting companies to diversify markets and establish long lasting relationships.

At Expoagro 2019, approximately 270 meetings were recorded over two days, negotiating an estimated volume of 8 million dollars. On that occasion, around 63 agricultural machinery companies participated in the exhibition (sprayers, harvesters, planters and spare parts), in addition to ten international buyers from Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, South Africa and Ukraine.

Agribusiness App
In line with the digital boom, Expoagro 2020 Edition YPF Agro gets adapted, and this year it keeps working on a better version of the Expoagro application that will enable a smoother connection between foreign and local companies. In the same vein, Pereyra added: “We want both contractors and producers to connect with exhibitors through the app. We are very hopeful it will work properly in order to make the right connections.” You can download the app from the web, and it is also available for Android and iOS.

For more information: www.expoagro.com.ar

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