Expoagro is the most important open-field agroindustrial exhibition in Argentina. It is organized by Exponenciar S.A, with Clarín and La Nación as shareholders, the main newspapers in Argentina. It is held once a year, for four days, at the end of the summer crops campaign.

Since 2017, and after 10 years of itinerating in different locations, Expoagro will take place in its permanent site strategically located, at km 225 of the national route 9, in San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires, in the heart of Argentina, so called “pampas”, the most productive and highly potential region of the country, and a few kilometers away from the main urban centers of the country.

In this edition the fairground, in constant development, has major improvements in infrastructure for exhibitors and visitors. There are new electricity towers, new bathrooms, 4000 lineal meters of pavement roads, better internal streets, new accesses, and the the static exhibition is 20% bigger.

This is how from March 13 to 16, everything starts in Expoagro. Thanks to the presence of hundreds of exhibitor companies from the agroindustrial chain, the active participation of the main important banks, and the visit of thousands of farmers and rural contractors, this important open-field exhibition becomes a business center and a launching platform for the beginning of the productive year.

More than 50% of the participating companies in Expoagro are Ag.machinery manufacturers but there are also about ten public and private financial entities with exclusive offers for the sector. It stands out the participation of Banco Provincia and its credit card Procampo as Main Sponsor, while Banco Nación is the Official Sponsor. Moreover, a hundred exhibitors had prepared special offers that are published in our discount display “Agroshock”, these offers empower the business atmosphere during the four exhibition days. In this context, rural contractors are the key players. They represent more than t 60% of the agricultural machinery purchases in Argentina. 90% of those purchases are concluded with financial support.

This business atmosphere is also created by the offer of more than 450 exhibitors from all the agroindustrial chain, training and lectures´ opportunities, the technology in movement exhibitions, plot sectors with the newest advances in biotechnology, cultivars and inputs; and an important sector for livestock.

Reinforcing its international profile, at least 20 international buyers from more than 10 countries will be arriving at Expoagro to have business meetings with more than 150 local companies. Besides the business rounds and the large amount of foreign delegations who come to the exhibition, it stands out the participation of international exhibitors coming from Italy, China, Brazil and Finland.

New infrastructure. More comfort for business meetings. More weather independence. A new productive cycle. The 12th edition of Expoagro is running. Let’s enjoy it together. Everything start here.

Business Rounds

20 international buyers from more than 10 countries will meet with more than 150 local companies.

International profile

Besides the large number of foreign delegations who will come to the exhibition, it stands out the participation of international exhibitors coming from countries such as Italy, China, Brazil and Finland.

Contractors Day

On Thursday 15th March in the Institutional Auditorium of Expoagro the Contractors Day will be held. This conference includes dissertations and debates of contractor’s interest, as well as social and political activities. The conference is open to the public with previous registration and is co-organized by Expoagro, FACMA, CACF and FEARCA. At the end, recognitions for innovation and career will be presented to the contractors.


At the livestock sector of Expoagro you will find reproducers’ exhibitions, the presence of 7 bovine races, and first class dissertations in the auditorium which is promoted by IPCVA (Argentine Beed promotion Institute).


Two televised auctions will be held in Expoago and broadcasted by Canal Rural. On Wednesday 14th, from 10 am, the Rosgan market will sell 12 thousand heads which will be filmed in more than 15 Argentine provinces. The eleven brokers that integrate the market will bring the best quality and genetic to this special auction that catches the eye of the most prominent buyers of Argentina.

On Thursday, March 15 at 10, Campos y Ganados will auction 20 thousand heads in the different categories.

Ag-Machinery dynamic demonstrations

Besides the Technodrome and the open field demonstrations where some agricultural machinery brands organizes, forages and livestock related demonstrations of extraction and packaging, hopper’s show, irrigation field, and shovels and mixers circuit will be held.

Youth zone

This sector reunites athenaeums, dissertations and workshops. It will also include “Campus”, a space for universities and colleges to present their careers, specializations, diplomacies, studies, and more.


This year Expoagro offers a special place for entrepreneurs and startups to exhibit their projects and connect withaccelerator seed funds, suppliers and buyers.


Stihl organizes its 12th Sculptures Championship where electric saw’s professionals from all over Argentina will have the opportunity to compete and surprise the audience.
Acindar comes again with its traditional National Wire Fencing Tournament, where the contestants show their abilities and skills in the art of wire fencing.

Training lectures

In the exhibition, there will be four auditoriums: AGRICULTURAL AUDITORIUM, LIVESTOCK AUDITORIUM, AUCTION LOUNGE and INSTITUTIONAL AUDITORIUM. Each of them will have an intense activity timeline during the four days of the exhibition.

In 2017, Expoagro took up 181.644 square meters with stands, was visited by 145 thousand persons and 300 brands participated. By then, just with the public and private financial entities offer, business of more than 20 thousand million pesos were generated.