Livestock farming is not just getting bigger at the National Capital of Agribusiness, it is also renewing itself to showcase the best of the sector. This year, along with the traditional activities, the sector will be presenting competitions: young bulls livestock and Block-test contest, and Aparte Campero (team penning).

The livestock sector, the cattle one in particular, has many reasons to be part of Expoagro – YPF Agro 2020, and keep enhancing this productive activity. So much so that the sector analyst Víctor Tonelli highlighted some remarkable data of 2019: “The opening of new markets, the signed protocols for the export of cooled bone-in and boneless beef, and frozen bone-in beef to China, the great incentive deriving from the Mercosur-European Union trade agreement, the exports of Patagonian meat to Japan, and, of course, the new opportunities in the United States and Canada.”

Tonelli was clear about the business result: “Without doubt, the most significant facts have been the increase of exports by more than 60% versus last year —75% of that total being exports to China—, and a turnover that is three times the one reached five years ago.”

For 2019, the analyst compared: “The total of exports of the four meats (veal and beef, poultry, pork and sheep), would be USD 3.9 billion versus USD 1.3 billion in 2015, when there existed strong restrictions.”

In this context and considering these figures, Expoagro – YPF Agro 2020 edition echoes the good news, and the livestock farming sector will once more occupy a privileged space within the venue of the mega-show to be held from 10 to 13 March in the Fairground and Race Track of San Nicolás.

The National Capital of Agribusiness will be presenting a new young bulls livestock and Block-test contest, a competition designed to assess the butcher quality of a group of animals to offer high quality cows. Livestock breeders from all over the country will send their best specimens to be assessed by a jury that will give an award to the most outstanding group of young bulls and to the best meat yields. After the breeds contest called jura, there will be a young bulls auction and a barbecue with block test award.

Horses will also be present with a new attraction for all visitors to Expoagro: Aparte Campero (team penning) a traditional contest involving the Argentine horse breed called criollos.

Those visitors passionate about livestock farming and latest trends will be welcomed at one of the main attractions of Expoagro: the Technodrome Ingeniero Mario Bragachini. In a four hectares space, visitors will have the chance to closely watch the live demonstrations of the latest technology available in the country and enjoy the technology show in the livestock circuit.

As in every edition, the main breeds, Angus, Braford, Brangus, Hereford, Limousin, Sanga, Senepol and Murray Gray, with cutting-edge genetics, will be holding their sessions, exhibitions of breeders and special auctions, and Murray Gray will be part of the jura. Naturally the traditional live and televised auctions will also take place at Expoagro. It is important to highlight that during Expoagro 2019, about 28,000 animals were sold at $68 per kilogram. The sales total was over $350 billion.

As in past editions, the coming Expoagro YPF – Agro 2020, will have its livestock sector and offer a highly varied proposal made of static and dynamic show of agricultural machinery, plots located at the center of the exhibition area, the Technodrome, test-drive tracks, the AgTech Universe, irrigation dynamic tracks, hoppers show, grain bagging and extraction,

excavators and mixers circuits, and international business rounds. All visitors to the mega agro-industrial show are encouraged to visit the Experts Center to get specialist advice and to address any queries. They are also invited to take part at the presentations that will be held in the five Auditoriums as well as at the National Encounter of Women in Agriculture and the Rural Contractors Session.

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