Commercial representatives and public officers of the countries that will meet in the Argentinean Summit visited the exhibition. They considered vital to focus on the food problem and the appliance of technology to avoid the deterioration of the soil.

A large number of traders and public officers from the countries that form the G20, who will be meeting again in Buenos Aires by the end of November, witnessed the development of Argentinean farms while visiting Expoagro. They all agree on the most urgent matters to include in the agenda of the next summit in October: Global food demand and the environment.

The representatives of very different places, such as USA, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Australia and Brazil, arrived around midday to the land located in San Nicolás. The delegation visited Expoagro hosted by Santiago del Solar, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministry of Agroindustry and they also attended an exhibition in the Tecnódromo where they saw the productive potential the country has.

It was common among the participants to admire the technological development of the local machinery. Go Tatsuya from Japan was amazed at the size of the lands in our Pampa and made some funny comparisons between his home country and Argentina, according to him, the first one has nothing to envy but the size. He later highlighted that the vast amounts of soybean and maize produced in our country are an attractive to take into account in November’s summit when dealing with the global food problem.

Hussain Fahad Alajmi, member of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture from Saudi Arabia, was impressed by the size of the exhibition and admitted that he did not know the level of agricultural development achieved by our country. “I can see how hard the Argentineans work for their country”, he said. Despite the obvious geographical and geological differences, Hussain believed it is possible to take advantage of this experience in Argentina. He also said that he will share with the other G20 members the technology he saw applied in our country, “lots of other nations need it”.

Alfred Sithow from South Africa, public officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and representative of the African country, highlighted the importance of establishing strong links between the technologies of both countries. “I will remember the relevance that Argentineans give to the soil matters, which is essential to improve the lives of farmers”, he said. Alfred claimed that the G20 is working seriously on security, food, environment and food waste. He also added that “the world can’t keep on working on agriculture without including technology. Climate change is asking for innovation”. He also regretted that the South African youth is not really involved in farms. “We hope that the implementation of technology in agriculture will get the interest of younger generations”.

Jong Jin Oh, sub director of food and grains of the Ministry of Agriculture from South Korea, mentioned that his country is an industrial giant. Nonetheless he was surprised by the technological advance in the agricultural area in Argentina. “Although we don’t have the most modern technology, the Ministry of Agriculture promotes a new type of agriculture with current technologies, similar to the ones I see here”.

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