The traditional open sky exhibition of the region is also uploaded to the club next September 9 and 10.

The challenge of reinventing ourselves in isolation times, the onsite events schedule is migrating to the virtual calendar. The digital transformation is here to stay, and this context marked by COVID-19 only sped up its arrival. “That’s why we set ourselves to work to see how, in this scenario marked by the preventive and mandatory social distancing, and taking advantage of technology, we could create a new meeting point where connections can be created,” explained Patricio Frydman, Expoagro’s business manager. 

Thus Expoagro Digital was born, the first virtual agribusiness show set up as a virtual solution, federal and international. “It’s a platform that includes different functionalities designed for business meetings, conference management, attendant directory and spaces for attendants to interact with exhibitors,” explained Diego Abdo, Expoagro’s Communication Manager.

Under the slogan “Digital Agribusiness Capital,” it will be a completely digital event with free, simple and interactive tours through every company in order to get to know the news, trends and offers in agribusiness.

The platforms provides a directory of companies where each of them will have their own microsite to share information through their visual identity, images and videos of their products and services, and they will promote their exclusive offers and developments especially designed for the current times. In this sense, Abdo stressed that “the platform enables the search for participants, using the semantic or predetermined filters search engine.” 

Connecting at Just One Click

The connection between participants will be permanent; they will be able to interact in the event from their computers and/or mobile phones. In this respect, Frydman said: “Once logged in, each visitor will be able to contact companies directly, requesting virtual meetings via video call or chat.” Also, he added: “Likewise, both exhibitors and visitors manage their own business schedule, planning, accepting or declining the requests received.”

In addition to establishing business connections and taking advantage of business opportunities for two days, Expoagro Digital offers training and entertainment spaces. So much so that the platform will post the event’s activities schedule.

Without leaving their home, and regardless of their coordinates, everyone will be able to access the Digital Agribusiness Capital for free from anywhere in the world. 

In that respect, Abdo said: “Attendants will be able to access conferences specially designed for streaming; make online inquiries to Expert Center technicians through video calls and get solutions for their questions; participate in televised cattle auctions; and watch the latest technologies applied to agriculture and cattle breeding at the Technodrome.” 

International Business Rounds

At a key moment of the year, marked by a crisis, but supported by opportunities, Expoagro keeps betting on the internationalization of the agribusiness sector and companies. Thus, just like in the physical exhibition, virtual international business rounds will also be held here. According the international business accelerator Wobax, they will be meetings between buyers and sellers with a sectorial focus, thus looking to create new commercial connections for the development of more and better markets.