UNIQUE in the world

“In the United States, machinery factories hold their own shows with their launches, they call their clients and make a demonstration with stands; but something like this, like the Technodrome that we have, where all the developments, technologies and innovations of our country or abroad are shown, does not exist,” Hernán Ferrari states.

In this edition, you can enjoy two daily shows: The Great Machinery Show and The Technology Revolution, the first at 11 a.m. and the second at 2 p.m. There, the machinery available at Expoagro and the latest innovations in smart agriculture will be announced.

Regarding the curatorship of the event, Sergio Marinelli, a member of the Technodrome’s production team, explained that “everyone in their fields is attentive to the available technology. Then, we give an order of priority to what we want to show in a sequence, we write the script and present it.”