Outstanding Turnover in this New Edition of the National Capital of Agribusiness

During Expoagro 2024 YPF Agro Edition, the agricultural sector shone again. Businesspeople, producers and various organizations strengthened their ties over the 4 days of the exhibition The preliminary business values highlighted the good mood of the sector.

From March 5 to 8, a new edition of Expoagro, the most important open-air agro-industrial exhibition in the region, took place, and it was the setting for multiple liaison, business and training meetings, and a showcase where the latest technology for agricultural machinery, supplies and services for agribusiness was displayed.

The preliminary numbers of the exhibition at the end of the last day are very positive. “We are very happy with these four days of Expoagro. Several records were broken”, said Martin Schvartzman, CEO of Exponenciar. “We had record attendance, with over 180,000 visitors and more than USD 2,000 million in loan applications, he added.

Among other reasons, Schvartzman mentioned, “Good expectations are perceived in relation to the new government in the sector. Moreover, lately we have had very good weather, rain, and a very significant harvest forecast”.

On the other hand, he also made reference to the good weather conditions of the four days. “Good weather conditions enhance all the indicators of the exhibition, he commented.

Expoagro 2024 welcomed 180,000 visitors, representatives from more than 46 countries, and over 60 political actors –from the President of the Nation to ministers, secretaries of State, governors, legislators, mayors and councilors attended the event. In addition, there were 1,500 accredited journalists.

With the participation of more than 600 exhibiting companies, there were around 50 product and service launches, and about 200 liaison meetings were held at the LDC Agribusiness Center.

“Expoagro was an exhibition that far exceeded everyone’s expectations”, said Patricio Frydman, Business Manager of Exponenciar. “There was a significant growth in the volume of transactions, doubling the figures of previous years. In addition, the increase in attendance was also remarkable, the number of visitors almost doubled. Once again, Expoagro consolidated its position as the main agro-industrial exhibition in the region, offering opportunities for companies, press, officials, producers, contractors, advisors, livestock farmers, entities and associations. In short, it was an exhibition that exceeded all expectations in terms of business, visits and services, he highlighted.

Additionally, there were 30 hours of live streaming transmission, with 108 interviews conducted on the exhibition grounds and in the studio, and around 9,500 views. Moreover, this year the exhibition became the first to implement a new service for visitors: ExpoBot, a WhatsApp chatbot, debuted as a virtual assistant. ExpoBot was available 24 hours during the 4 days of the exhibition. The Organization informed that they have conducted a satisfaction survey among the people who interacted with the bot.Public acceptance was very good. This is the first year that we have implemented this innovation at Expoagro. We are proud and eager to make it even better for the 2025 edition,” they added.

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